Entrance Requirement

The desire to serve God and fulfill His commission is the main requirement for entrance to Faith Landmarks Bible Institute. While we do not feel that a high school or college diploma is necessary, the course of study will require sincere commitment from the student, as well as reading and writing skills.

Tuition and Fees

Registration fee: $25 (non-refundable, once per year)

Tuition: $60 per course

FLBI encourages total payment of tuition upon enrolling each trimester. However, we understand that some students are not able to afford such a one lump sum payment. Our budget payment plan requires the registration fee and 1/2 of the tuition upon registration.The balance of the tuition is due in two successive monthly payments for that trimester. Admittance to class may be denied if payment is not made on time. Refunds on tuition will only be made on a pro rata basis for class time not attended up through the fourth week of class.
Books for each course will be made available through our bookstore. The cost will vary dependent upon the course.

Application and Registration

An application form must be completed which includes the Christian Standards of Living. All application forms must be returned to us prior to registration.

At least two full weeks will be set aside at the beginning of each trimester for registration. Students failing to register during the allotted time will be charged a late fee of $25.00.